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In celebration of the refurbishment and re-opening of The Black Lion in Long Melford we're hosting a competition!

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Bury St Edmunds

The Nutshell

Known as Britain’s smallest pub, the Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds has a few ghostly stories to tell. The first of which surrounds the mummified cat that hangs from the ceiling, not only is it generally rather creepy looking, it’s also said to carry a curse. An old wife’s tale you may think? Maybe so, but none of the staff will dare touch it, and a group of lads from RAF Honiton once stole this cursed cat in some drunken fun, and coincidentally had kitchen fires and a plane crash at the base. They soon returned the cat and were no longer quite so unlucky, so could it really be true? Not only does the Nutshell have its resident mummified cat, it’s also rumoured that a young boy was murdered upstairs and is said to wander around the pub and the smell of women’s perfume is often around even when there are no women to be seen!

Cupola House (Bourgee)

The first of these ghostly stories in Cupola House links to the previously mentioned nutshell. A medieval nun was executed for relations with a monk, they used to meet down the tunnels that connect the nutshell to Abbey Gardens. Known as The Grey Lady she is now seen regularly in the Nutshell, around town, walking up and down the stairs in Cupola House and peering out the windows. There have also been general sightings in the same areas of a monk, rumoured to be her lover!



St Gregory’s Church

Back in June 1381, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Mr Simon Sudbury, was not a very popular man. After introducing what’s now known as Poll Tax, he became a wanted man by many of the poorer people in the country. During the peasants revolt, people from Kent and Essex dragged Simon Sudbury out of the Tower of London and cut off his head! They buried his body in London however his head was taken to St Gregory’s church in Sudbury and is still there to this day! It has been said that people have heard phantom footsteps in the church and rumours of Simon Sudbury sightings!



The Swan Hotel

After being left at the alter by the man she was not only due to marry, but also have a baby with, it is said that a former house keeper of the swan committed suicide. It is said that occasionally her presence can be felt in one of the rooms!

The Angel Hotel

Of course there can be some friendly ghosts out there too! The Angel Hotel in Lavenham is said to be regularly visited by an old landlady, Mrs Goodhew, who smiles, and then disappears before your eyes! Just looking out for the guests still we think!


Long Melford

The Bull Hotel

Sightings have been reported a good few years back of a man throwing bottles and china across the room. There have also been footsteps heard and dogs within the hotel are said to act strange and refuse to enter certain rooms for no apparent reason! A common story for this is that it is the spirit of Richard Everend who as murdered in the Bull back in 1648!

Kentwell Hall

As Scaresville reaches its busiest period over the Halloween period, how about a couple of stories from Kentwell Hall itself! Kentwell itself has said that they have had many visitors describe strange sensations in some of the rooms inside the building. The most common of these reports is that the room feels like it is full of people, when in fact there is only one or 2 visitors in there. Countess Rivers is also said to haunt the grounds, it is said that she flung herself from a window to escape the noise of a party and drowned in the moat. But perhaps the creepiest of the Kentwell stories is about little Amy.

By the moat, beside the walled garden, a mother went to look for her daughter called Amy, as she had been gone all day. When Amy appeared, she told her mother that she had been playing with a friend behind the walled garden. On the final day of staying at the Hall, the mother went to meet Amy’s new friend but the mother was told that Amy spent the day playing on her own, a little girl is often heard calling for Amy


Moving house is a stressful and often complicated time when you just have yourselves to think about, throw a pet into the mix and it can become even harder. With these tips you can help to keep your pet calm and relaxed throughout the move and settle them in to your new home.

Firstly, make sure that you make a plan. As you would with all of your own belongings, make sure you consider where the pet is going to spend most of its time in your new home. Whether this be setting up room for a goldfish tank, rabbit hutch or a dog bed, its important that you plan this ahead, after all they are a part of the family!

How will you move the pets? Most likely with family in the car, perhaps put some of their toys or belongings in the car too to make the journey less stressful. Maybe it would be better for them to stay with a family member or with a “home away from home” like Barking Mad. This is down to the pet’s own preferences, if this could be considered more stressful, keep them with you.

Particularly with dogs, especially for those who love water, give them a bath! This could relax them and also give them a good clean, helpful for when you’re going into a brand new clean home!

Make sure someone is in charge of the pet(s)! Everyone is going to be busy during a move, put someone in charge of the pets to check on them during the day and make sure they’re safe and feeling comfortable!

Make sure you pack their toys! As said before, your pets are a part of your family, so don’t forget to bring their belongings in the move. Try and pack up their belongings last and unpack them first in the new home, so they have their creature comforts with them as soon as they arrive! And as mentioned, give them some toys in the car to make the journey less worrying!

A good way to get your pets used to their new surroundings is by putting them into one room and closing the door. This is especially relevant for cats as it is usually advised that you keep them inside for up to a month before letting them roam the new area they live in. Leave your pet with some water and maybe even a hot water bottle wrapped in a blanket from your old house or a jumper that smells like you! You can be happy that they’re safe and content whilst the hustle and bustle of a move continues on outside.

Once you’re all moved in, make some time for your pets. Take the dog for a walk, give the rabbit a cuddle, play with a piece of string with your cat. They can release some energy after being kept in one room and hopefully connect happy thoughts with your new home.

An important thing to remember is to stick to your routine, both throughout the move and once you’re in your new home. If you feed your pet at certain times of the day, still do this, but maybe not too close to the moving time as you don’t want a mess in the car! If your dog has a walk twice a day still do this once you’ve moved in.

Finally, makes sure to change their ID tags! If the worst did happen and your pet escapes or goes missing you need to make sure they get back to the right address!


Sudbury’s memory walk was a huge success in 2016 with 152 people of all ages walking the routes from and to Kingfisher Leisure centre. The walk is in memory of all the families and individuals who have lost someone to dementia, and this year has already exceeded last year’s number of walkers!

During this Saturday 7th October at 12pm the walk will take place again for 2017, everyone is invited to attend, whether you walk on your own and meet people along the way or get a group of colleagues or friends together. Make sure that if you want to take part you sign up on the Sudbury Memory Walk Website! There are many routes to choose from, ½ mile, 1 mile, 3 miles and 5 miles, but bare in mind that the ½ mile is designed for those living with dementia.

The walk is in aid of Decaf Sudbury and Ansell Memories Café in Hadleigh, these projects help to support those living with dementia and their carers and families, and you can donate here on the crowdfunding page. Jerry who inspired the walk has been encouraging businesses to support this years walk, providing water, useful information or maybe making some treats for everyone to enjoy. Rest stops and refreshment stops are positioned along the way too, so don’t worry if you’re not the worlds fittest!

All participants are responsible for their own health and wellbeing. If in doubt about your ability to take part in this walk or you have a medical condition that might affect your ability, consult your doctor prior to the event.


According to a brand new survey done by David Wilson Homes, apparently we get happier with each move! The survey of 5000 people showed that 77% of people in their first home were satisfied with where they lived, 81% in their second home, and the number increases with each extra move.

 David Wilson Homes

They also did some research into the satisfaction of different aged people in the UK. This showed a similar trend, that as you get older, more people are satisfied with the home that they live in.

 David Wilson Homes

 David Wilson Homes stated this about their research:

“We decided to conduct this research to gain a better understanding of the UK homeowner.

“Interestingly, we found that satisfaction levels increase as people move home, over 20 per cent between first to fifth time home owners, and this could be due to many reasons.

“From first-time buyers who have little experience of buying a home, to fifth-time buyers who are more experienced and know exactly what they want without having to compromise, we’re happy to see that we’re generally a nation of happy homeowners, whatever stage we’re at.”



There has been much debate on social media about the position of Sudbury’s Christmas tree after it was moved a few years ago from the spot opposite HSBC on Market Hill. Stuart Poole started his quest to bring back more of a Christmassy feel to the town two years ago when he and Steve Hall requested for the tree to be moved back to its original spot. Unfortunately, due to safety measures suggested by the local police it was unable to be moved back and would still be positioned outside Santander this year.

Local campaigning then resulted in a new suggestion; the Christmas Tree moving to the more visible location on Market Hill in front of St Peter’s Church. Whilst at first this was seen as a good compromise by many, the council then posted on social media that the move would come at a cost to the Sudbury residents. As the move would cost over £2,500 in electrical and building works, it could only be funded in years to come by an increase in council tax.

Image may contain: text

 As the social media uproar began, Stuart Poole volunteered to raise the £3,000 needed himself.

"It's shocking they can't find the money," he told the BBC.

"They're trying to promote the town. We want the tree on a road where it can be seen, and where trading has gone on for centuries,"

When speaking to Stuart, we at Bychoice have found that he has now raised the necessary funds through donations from local businesses! These are as follows:

Webb Truck Equipment


Winch & Blatch


Rob Harman Carpets

Mainstream Granite

Mutual Advantage LTD

The Bay Horse Public House

Green Hills Landscapes

Edwins Installations

Darren Cox and Cox Brothers

Wiles Contracting

Home & Hills Solicitors

High Bank Riding School


As a thank you to the businesses, brand new railings will be arranged surrounding the Christmas tree with banners advertising all 14 companies.

Well done from us at Bychoice to these 14 companies and to Stuart for organising it all!

Image result for christmas tree clipart

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