Christmas is on the way! But where will the tree be?!

There has been much debate on social media about the position of Sudbury’s Christmas tree after it was moved a few years ago from the spot opposite HSBC on Market Hill. Stuart Poole started his quest to bring back more of a Christmassy feel to the town two years ago when he and Steve Hall requested for the tree to be moved back to its original spot. Unfortunately, due to safety measures suggested by the local police it was unable to be moved back and would still be positioned outside Santander this year.

Local campaigning then resulted in a new suggestion; the Christmas Tree moving to the more visible location on Market Hill in front of St Peter’s Church. Whilst at first this was seen as a good compromise by many, the council then posted on social media that the move would come at a cost to the Sudbury residents. As the move would cost over £2,500 in electrical and building works, it could only be funded in years to come by an increase in council tax.

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 As the social media uproar began, Stuart Poole volunteered to raise the £3,000 needed himself.

"It's shocking they can't find the money," he told the BBC.

"They're trying to promote the town. We want the tree on a road where it can be seen, and where trading has gone on for centuries,"

When speaking to Stuart, we at Bychoice have found that he has now raised the necessary funds through donations from local businesses! These are as follows:

Webb Truck Equipment


Winch & Blatch


Rob Harman Carpets

Mainstream Granite

Mutual Advantage LTD

The Bay Horse Public House

Green Hills Landscapes

Edwins Installations

Darren Cox and Cox Brothers

Wiles Contracting

Home & Hills Solicitors

High Bank Riding School


As a thank you to the businesses, brand new railings will be arranged surrounding the Christmas tree with banners advertising all 14 companies.

Well done from us at Bychoice to these 14 companies and to Stuart for organising it all!

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