Moving home more = Happiness!

According to a brand new survey done by David Wilson Homes, apparently we get happier with each move! The survey of 5000 people showed that 77% of people in their first home were satisfied with where they lived, 81% in their second home, and the number increases with each extra move.

 David Wilson Homes

They also did some research into the satisfaction of different aged people in the UK. This showed a similar trend, that as you get older, more people are satisfied with the home that they live in.

 David Wilson Homes

 David Wilson Homes stated this about their research:

“We decided to conduct this research to gain a better understanding of the UK homeowner.

“Interestingly, we found that satisfaction levels increase as people move home, over 20 per cent between first to fifth time home owners, and this could be due to many reasons.

“From first-time buyers who have little experience of buying a home, to fifth-time buyers who are more experienced and know exactly what they want without having to compromise, we’re happy to see that we’re generally a nation of happy homeowners, whatever stage we’re at.”