How to make the most of a small room

Sometimes there may be a room in your new home which is a little on the small side, not to worry, there are some little tips and tricks that can help a room feel much larger than it actually is!


1. Paint or Wallpaper the Ceiling.

A great way to make a room seem bigger is to draw the eye upwards. Using wallpaper or a coloured paint on the ceiling will automatically cause people to look up, giving the illusion of a taller room. Another way to draw the eye upward could be to put shelves nearer the ceiling.

2. Paint the walls and floors in light colours

Light colours reflect the light, making a room seem more spacious, whereas darker colours will absorb light, making the room seem smaller!

3. Position furniture away from the wall

Putting furniture up against walls can make an area seem cramped. Keeping furniture away from the walls and making the area more open can often give the illusion of spaciousness.

4. Make use of hidden storage

Tables often come with storage underneath, as well as storage headboards, under bed storage, sliding shelves, staircase storage and sliding wardrobes. These are all fantastic ways to keep things out of the way, whilst not taking up room with storage.

5. Statement furniture

One large sofa can make the room feel less cluttered than multiple small sofas or chairs. Although the opposite can also be argued, that a large sofa taking up the majority of the room can make it seem smaller, this will depend on the size and shape of your room!

6. Use stripes

Thin stripes can give the illusion of stretching, in a vertical direction they can make the room seem taller, whilst a horizontal direction can create the feel of a wider room. By using stripes on a feature wall for example, this can help give the illusion of more space.

7. Hang items higher

By hanging items a couple of cm higher than you’d usually expect, this can not only draw the eye upward again but create the feeling of a taller room.

8. Use mirrors and glass items

A large mirror is an easy (and often cheap!) way to create the illusion of a large room. A reflection can make a room feel larger, whilst a tall piece of furniture like a mirror can create a larger feel whilst not taking up too much space.

9. Rugs

A rug can be a great way to create separate areas in a room. By doing this you can create the appearance of having more than one space in a large one. This can be especially good for studio apartments for example.

10. Don’t listen to all the rules!

The best part about having your own property is making it your own! Unexpected furniture and layout can make a room feel more open and fun!



Most importantly, enjoy your new home!

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