What proportion of the UK is built on?

The long hot summer has resulted in people spending a lot more time outside, reminding us of just how green and pleasant our land can be. We're particularly lucky in Suffolk, with over 36% of Suffolk either nationally or locally designated for its wildlife or landscape quality. In fact 64% of people said that the countryside and wildlife here are the best things about living in Suffolk. *

In other areas of course, it's rare to see a beautiful green space, big cities like London enjoy different views across the urban landscapes. With much of the country constantly developing, its strange to think that only 0.1% of UK land is densely built upon. This statistic took any by surprise, in fact in a poll conducted by IPSOS MORI earlier this year, the average guess was way over estimated at 47%!

It was so surprising, that it was actually named the UK statistic of the year in 2017 by The Royal Statistical Society. The RSS runs a competition each year for statistic of the year, asking for entries that capture the essence of the year of reveal something powerful or surprising. This one certainly was surprising!

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East Anglian Daily Times poll (April 2015)